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Invento and NABU

A "lively" work environment is part of an innovative work atmosphere. As a NABU partner, we provide living space for animals on our company property.

With this project, we want to make an active contribution to protecting diversity and maintaining our natural environment.

Tree creepers, spotted flycatchers, wagtails and other burrow breeding birds, but also bats, butterflies, wild bees, bumblebees and hornets make their home on the 2.5 hectare property in approx. 130 different nest boxes. They populate the land of the former farm that Invento is using for company property after being adapted to the needs of a modern company.
In a joint effort by Invento and NABU, there is a small "arc" here – existing living areas were incorporated and improved, while new ones were added. NABU volunteers manage and maintain this "arc" in close cooperation with the Invento employees.
The bats are very interesting, because they consume a vast number of insects and use ultrasound to navigate. Myths of them being like Dracula pursuing the throats of innocent virgins are being replaced with awareness about the creatures. Special bat boxes have been installed throughout the property.
The barn owl found a new home on our property by installing a special nesting box. In there, the babies can feast on tasty mice freshly caught in the surrounding area.
Numerous wild flowers offer cover and sustenance to small foxes, Aurora butterflies, admirals and brown bears and the colorful, exotic caterpillars feast on the tasty leaves.

Nest boxes at Invento


Hornet Box


Nest Box 2GR (oval)


Bumble Bee Box


Flat Bat Box


Many new boxes in 2017


Street number 1 :)

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