Tramontana light 2002

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best windrec line
5 mph90 lbs

89 inch47,6 inch9,3 oz.

The Light-Version features less wingspan, a sail surface which is more flat than the Standard and allows the same flying characteristics at very low wind speeds. A new bridle construction gives it a railtrack precision and absolute control.

bridle dimensions cm Obridle dimensions cm Mbridle dimensions cm A
46,5+20+10 cm49+20+10 cm58+20+10 cm

windrangesail materialskill levelfrom age XX
1 - 3 Bft. VentexBC12

lower leading edgeupper leading edgespinelower spreaderupper spreader
carbon AVIA .1960carbon AVIA .1960carbon AVIA .1960carbon AVIA .1960carbon AVIA .1960
2 Stck.2 Stck.1 Stck.2 Stck.1 Stck.
32,5 inch32,5 inch37 inch32,5 inch21,9 inch

outer standoffinner standoff
fiberglas rod 2,1 mmMicrocarbon AVIA .080
2 Stck.2 Stck.
8,5 inch9,8 inch

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