Tramontana 2000

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best windrec line
9 mph50 - 190 lbs

91,7 inch48,4 inch11,8 oz.

Our successful competition kite the Tramontana has been redesigned by Chris Matheson. Chris has prepared the Tramontana 2000 series for the demands of new breed of competition flyer. The precision is as rail tight as ever, but the tricks come easy and quick.

bridle dimensions cm Obridle dimensions cm Mbridle dimensions cm Abridle dimensions cm S
69 cm (50 cm)76 cm (65,5 cm)84,5 cm (58,5 cm)10,5 cm

windrangesail materialskill levelfrom age XX
2 - 5 Bft. PolyesterBC12

lower leading edgeupper leading edgespinelower spreaderupper spreader
carbon tube 5,9 mm AVIA .2300carbon tube 5,9 mm AVIA .2300carbon tube 5,9 mm AVIA .2300carbon tube 5,9 mm AVIA .2300carbon tube 5,9 mm AVIA .2300
2 Stck.2 Stck.1 Stck.2 Stck.1 Stck.
32,5 inch32,5 inch41,7 inch32,5 inch25,6 inch

outer batten
Microcarbon .080
2 Stck.
6,4 inch

outer standoffinner standoff
fiberglas rod 2,1 mmfiberglas rod 2,1 mm
2 Stck.2 Stck.
8,5 inch9,1 inch

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