Hypnotic Quad

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best windrec line
11 mph60 - 80 lbs

78,7 inch39,4 inch7,2 oz.

The Hynotic Quad is an easy to handle quad-line kite. Due to its size, the behaviour of this kite is extremly well controllable and offers the beginner pilot an easy entry to the world of quad-line flying.

bridle dimensions cm Obridle dimensions cm Mbridle dimensions cm Abridle dimensions cm Sbridle dimensions cm L
67,5 cm70 cm48 cm 70 cm (U)56 cm (B)

windrangesail materialskill levelfrom age XX
2 - 5 Bft. VentexABC12

central frameouter framevertical frame
carbon 8mmcarbon AVIA .2300carbon AVIA .2300
1 Stck.2 Stck.2 Stck.
39,4 inch19,7 inch39,4 inch

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