Delta Hawk

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best windrec line
16 mph150 - 210 lbs

57,5 inch28,3 inch6 oz.

The tried and tested kite. Quick and with a good pull, yet easy to handle and very robust.

bridle dimensions cm Obridle dimensions cm Mbridle dimensions cm A
64 cm47,5 cm38 cm

windrangesail materialskill levelfrom age XX
2 - 8 Bft. NylonBC12

lower leading edgespinelower spreader
carbon 6 mmcarbon 6 mmcarbon 6 mm
2 Stck.1 Stck.1 Stck.
39,4 inch25,6 inch39,4 inch

mid standoff
fiberglas rod 2,1 mm
2 Stck.
8,5 inch

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