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best windrec line
3 mph50 - 80 lbs

78,7 inch39,4 inch8,8 oz.

Made from VENTEX-Polyester, a prestreched newly developed 3+3 bridle and 4 mm carbon tubing the Breeze develops its full performance already at very low wind speeds. The robust constructions can withstand gusty winds without loosing the agility and precision. Multiple tuning possibilities at the outer stand-offs offer a wide range of set-ups for the individual taste of flying.

bridle dimensions cm Obridle dimensions cm Mbridle dimensions cm A
51+23+9 cm48+23+9 cm53+23+9 cm

windrangesail materialskill levelfrom age XX
0 - 2 Bft.VentexBC12

lower leading edgeupper leading edgespinelower spreaderupper spreader
carbon AVIA .1570carbon AVIA .1570carbon AVIA .1570 carbon AVIA .1570carbon AVIA .1570
2 Stck.2 Stck.1 Stck.2 Stck.1 Stck.
28,5 inch28,5 inch36,2 inch28,5 inch20,9 inch

outer standoffmid standoff
carbon rod 2mm carbon rod 2 mm
2 Stck.2 Stck.
8,5 inch9,8 inch

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