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Soap Bubbles

Pustefix is a classic tool for making bubbles. Every child likes to chase and catch them. The long-term success of these fast-moving items is no coincidence. Mixed and bottled in Tübingen/Germany and Austria PUSTEFIX liquid will keep virtually for an unlimited period of time. PUSTEFIX is certified according to DIN ISO and received the highly respected award "Spiel gut" for good toys.

Distribution by INVENTO only in Germany and Austria. Ask for details regarding international availability.

pustefix_seifenblasen_set.jpgRiesen-Seifenblasen-Schwert Riesenseifenblasen-schwert mit 266 ml Seifenblasenflüssigkeit. In 4 transparenten Farben: Pink, Gelb, Blau, Orange. Nachfüllbar! Im 12er-Display.
pustefix_kleinpackung_pic.jpgPustefix-Small Tube
42 ml PUSTEFIX. 25 pieces in counter display.
pustefix_gropackung.jpgPustefix-Large Tube
70 ml PUSTEFIX. 25 pieces in counter display.
pustefix_ueberraschung.jpgPustefix-Surprise Tube
70 ml PUSTEFIX+animal. 25 pieces in counter display.
pustefix_nachfuellflasche_250ml.jpgPustefix Refill Bottle 250 ml, 500 ml, or 1000 ml.
pustefix_nachfuellkanister_5liter.jpgPustefix refill bottle, can with 5 liters
1,67 kg concentrate for 5 liters ready mixed PUSTEFIX liquid.