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Flying Toys
Flying Toys: The dream of flying is as old as mankind. Discover the fascination of aerodynamics that captivates the young and the young at heart. All of our airtoys are based on physical effects only and do not require any fuel.

Stomp Rocket
Ultra LED

Die Stomp Rocket mit LED-Beleuchtung. Einfach auf das Startkissen treten und die LED-Raketen sausen in den nächtlichen Himmel. Höhe: Bis zu 90 Meter. Komplett mit Startrampe, Kompressionskörper und 4 LED-Raketen. Batterien mit sehr langer Lebensdauer inklusive.

Alter: 8+
copter_rocket.jpg Copter Rocket
Simply hook the brand-new Copter Rocket to the included rubber band launcher, draw, and release. The nose mounted whistle screams as this incredible flying toy rockets upwards at surprising speed and up to altitudes of 200 feet. In the zenith the copter blades unfold and this absolutely stunning toy safely copters back to earth, ready to be launched again in just seconds. Sturdy but light-weight construction. Ages 7 and up.
sky_diver.jpg Sky Diver
Width: 50 cm / 20"
Height: 72 cm /28"
Age: 5 and up
The world’s finest tangle free toy parachute. It has no strings to tangle, no batteries to replace, and no assembly is required. Simply toss it high and watch it fly. The parachutes are made with all of the newest and brightest neon colours.

stomp_rocket.jpg Stomp Rocket High Performance
Jump on the stomp pad and a giant blast of air propels the stomp rocket. It can travel up to 90 meters (300 ft.). No batteries or fuel required - it is air powered!!! It is ready to fly in seconds and comes with an
adjustable launcher.
squeeze_rocket.jpg Squeeze Rocket
Quickly squeeze the hand held bulb and the foam rockets fly up to 10 meters (33 ft.). For indoor and outdoor use. Content: 2 squeeze bulbs and 10 rockets.
air_copter.jpg Air Copter
By using the included
launcher, the Air-Copter
achieves impressing altitudes. At the top of its trajectory the blades open up and it slowly
rotates back to earth.