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Single Line Kites

Kids kites

Eddys and Sleddys - the ideal attender for kids on the beach and in the meadow.


Creative Line

Kids can create their own works of art on kites.

Crazy Flapping Kites

Children will be thrilled by our Crazy Flapping Kites. The motion effects of these flying creatures will keep children entertained for hours.


Ship & Airplane kites

These single line kites impress by their unique 3D designs.



Deltas XL

Our XL Deltas Kites are easy to fly, make a big show in the sky and carry even bigger line laundry easily.


Box kites

These inspired designs are exceptional easy to fly and maneuver.


Power Sleds

Power Sleds can be used as “sky anchors” to lift larger line laundry or inflatable kites and need to be treated with considerable respect.


Flow Forms

Our Flow Forms require no assembly and offer a lot of fun. These elegant and extremely efficient kites are known as stable flyers in moderate to strong winds.


Kap Foils

Kite aerial photography (KAP) is photography generated by lifting a camera into the sky through use of a kite.


 Miscellaenous Kites

These unique single line kites impress by their striking shapes and designs.


Rainer Hoffmann Collect.

All kites of Rainer Hoffmann truly convince through tremendous creativity and beautiful designs.


NEW Joel Scholz 3D Kites

Incredible kite selection of 3D birds and flying dinosaurs.


Line Decoration

Colorful accessories for kites and lines are real eye catchers and attract a lot of attention.


Bouncing Buddies

Our funny Bouncing Buddies are fun and will draw attention as beach and lawn decoration.